Interest Groups

The Wine and Hors d'oeuvres Group meets five times during the academic year at members' homes. Members enjoy good company, good food, and are able to taste a variety of good wines.  Food and wine are provided by co-hosts. All members either cohost or host once during the year. The expenses are shared by the participants at each event.

The Shoreliners Walking/Hiking Group enjoys easy hikes in areas of interest around Santa Barbara County. For more information please email

The Book Discussion Group, fondly referred to as the "Bookies Group" meets once a month to discuss a book chosen by group consensus. The time, place and evening is decided by the group. Come and share your pleasure or displeasure about each chosen book. All current members of the UCSB Shoreliners are welcome to join.

The Book Exchange Group simply exchanges books among its members.  It is a way of recycling books that may be of interest to its members.